Sympathy flowers are a lovely way of showing someone you are thinking of them, particularly as bereavement is a very difficult time for everyone concerned. A simple bouquet of sympathy flowers can help to lift someone’s spirits. I will be happy to help you to choose the right sympathy flowers for the thoughts you may wish to convey.

When choosing flowers for a funeral service, here are some things you may wish to consider. Maybe the deceased had a favourite flower or a favourite colour, or maybe they were avid followers of a football team and the colours of their team would be a fitting tribute? Whatever you wish to do, I would be happy to discuss colours and flower types with you in order for you to convey your message of sympathy and remembrance.

By using flowers, in sympathy, colours are important as they can soften or brighten the service. You may want to use bright, mixed colours in order to brighten up the service and reflect on the better times or you may wish to use subtle, calm colours of pastel hues. I would be happy to help you choose the right flowers in order to create beautiful tributes.

For the closely bereaved, using letters adorned with flowers as a dedication to a particular family member creates a wonderful and meaningful tribute at a funeral. The word MUM, DAD or NAN, in flowers gives a powerful message at the service.

At this difficult and emotional time, I understand and can empathize. I would be happy to listen to your ideas in order to help you to decide what flowers you would like. If you live in Solva or St David’s, Pembrokeshire or the immediate surrounding villages within 5 miles of Caerfega Farm I would be happy to come along and talk to you in the comfort of your own home. Alternatively, I can offer a sympathetic ear and a warm welcome with a cup of tea or coffee if you wish to discuss your flower requirements with me at Caerfega Farm, Solva.

Please contact me to arrange a mutually convenient time for us to talk about your flower tribute ideas and requirements..